Welcome to my website.

It's just text.

It used to be a portfolio for my design work and photography.
It got outdated, so I replaced it.

Over the years, my career focus shifted from visually solving problems to solving them in code and data. From designer to software engineer. While still an image maker, it hasn't been my work focus.


I had my own business, worked with agencies, startups, non-profits and large businesses.
My title has included words like lead front-end engineer, front-end architect, and principal full-stack engineer.
I've led, followed, hired, and coached. I've also blogged, written book reviews and the occasional article.

JavaScript is the language I'm most fluent in. When it comes to JavaScript, I prefer functional JavaScript in ES6 syntax making use of tools like Lodash or Mori.js — the lovely port of ClojureScript's immutable data structure and corresponding API. I also have worked professionally with Ruby and PHP.


Projects I've worked on in reverse chronological order:

Portal Application

Built in Meteor and MongoDB. Deployed in the cloud. Interfacing with and visualizing a variety of data sources such as ElasticSearch, AWS Lambda APIs, and S3 buckets.
Role: Principal full-stack engineer for a large international company in the security industry.

Isomorphic bookings website

Built in ES6 with Node, React and Mori.js (ClojureScript port).
Role: Full-stack engineer for a large website in the beauty industry.

Agenda management application

Built in functional style JavaScript using ES6 syntax, React and Mori.
Role: Lead front-end engineer for one of the top few most successful Dutch startups in 2015.

Front-end component library, 360 degree photo app and data visualization

Built in Ruby and JavaScript using Backbone and an object-oriented framework I created.
Role: Front-end developer for the largest Housing Portal in the Netherlands

Design and front-end development of websites and mobile apps

Built in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
Role: Self-employed working for a variety of small and large clients including the National Parks Service.


The most appealing opportunities are those to work on products or services I believe in with a good healthy team in functional languages such as Clojure, Haskell, ClojureScript, or functional programming in Scala.

I like meeting new people and companies so I'm always open to a conversation. At the moment I don't take on freelance work unless it's photography or writing related.

Get in touch?

Find me on LinkedIn or email me at chris at mediumequalsmessage dot com.